Build Your Brand

A custom mascot can really help you to build a brand, direct revenue and deliver the right message.

Challenging market forces have seen a massive surge in consumer desire to seek “real” connections with brands, and characters are a solution to offering a “human touch”.

  • Direct revenue. When your character is popular and well known at your sports club or recreation park, you can sell your plush toys to fans and visitors.
  • Use your plush toys as a sales trigger. For example when your customers buy for a minimum amount of products, when they book a particular holiday or become a member of the kids club they can receive a free plush toy as a gift.
  • Plush toys are constantly present at your target audience. When you give your plush toys away or sell them, your plush toy will be cuddled and played with at home. This way the customers are constantly aware of your company.
  • High quality relation gift. A high quality custom made plush toy is a beautiful gift to intensify relations. A plush toy of your character symbolises the perceived values of your company.
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