Get Started

  • Stage 1
    Client Brief and Visuals
    This is the fun, creative part when we
    create your Mascot together.
  • Stage 2
    Sample Approval and Ordering
    This is where you choose your Mascot
    and we make it into a reality.
  • Stage 3
    Manufacture and Delivery
    Your Mascot is manufactured, shipped
    and is putting a smile on your customers faces.

Stage 1 - ideas engine.

This is the fun part when we start detailing your mascot. We'll help every step of the way, plus 3D design is completely FREE.

Client Brief

No current character? No problem. Our team of creatives can build a character with you, whether you have an existing idea, established character or just need a helping hand in defining your hero.


We'll sketch up the ideas, then produce a FREE 3D model. It's a state of the art way to really see your ideas come to life, suddenly that sketch has a real personality.

Stage 2 - prototype.

This is where we take our digital creation and really make him snap, crackle - and pop!

Sample Approved

In 7 working days, the sample prototype is ready for approval. If necessary, any possible tweaks or alterations can be made at this stage to get our hero spot on.

Let's go!

The quantity is agreed, a deposit is placed and mass production starts. Typically, lead time is as short as 25 days.

Stage 3 - he's on the way!

Before you know it, your mascots arrive, bagged, labelled and ready to put a smile on your customers faces.

Shipping to UK

Via air, 5 days and the toys arrive at your address. Via sea, 25 days aboard a vessel.

Finished Product

Whether as a sold item, giveaway or competition prize, your brand new mascot is in hand and set to impress!
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